Consulting Services


Mr. Henry Cheng

Product and Sales Manager

Over the 29 years in the catering industry, I have been providing consultation services to a variety of major catering groups, restaurants, café, bars and bubble milk tea specialty stores; with tailored made training and tasting services. With the love and support from our local and overseas customers, I am looking forward to developing more popular, trendy and healthy beverage and dessert.


Mr. Kwan Hoi Wing

Technical Department Manager

Throughout the past 20 years, I have been providing a wide range of beverage and dessert specialty shops with professional consultation services, including:


- brand positioning and equipment arrangement consulting

- drink menu design, production monitoring and staff training

- regular operation review and launch of new products


My passion in developing new products, professional knowledge and tasting skills, and experience have well equipped me in providing consistent quality of products and services to our customers. I am looking forward in meeting you in our appointment.

Menu Design Services

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Apart from regular services provided by beverage raw material suppliers, our beverage research & development team assist customers in creating beverages and desserts, which production method will be provided, to meet different demands and changes in the market trend. We would like to proudly present our annually updated winter and summer drinks menu, tasting appointments are welcomed.

Technical Training Services

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We provide a variety of technical training services, including correct use of beverage equipment, hand-shaking drinks techniques, and skills required for different beverage presentations.